The Romantic Hustle of Design

Everyone has their vision of a dream job, and apparently I have found myself holding mine. (I hope you find yourself in your vision of a dream job too!!!) While is is easy to picture the fruits of my labor (because they are literally photographed into pictures!), there is a lot of bustin' my booty that gets the job done. Some tasks are glamorous, some include selecting toilet paper holders... :) Fortunately for me, hard work helps me sleep at night. And - I LOVE running a business almost as much as I love designing!

Here is a taste:

"Actual DESIGN WORK": On these rare, but treasured days, I get to sift through delicious fabrics, dreamy wood and metal finishes, friendly and feisty furniture silhouettes and proceed to watch as they all try out for the team. Round after round occurs as each candidate makes their plea to stay. After much EDITing and many cuts, the final draft is ready! Drawings happen. Packets are made. Visual collections are gathered and soon, my client is in for a treat!

PURCHASING & ACCOUNTING: Here is where numbers become my jam! (What? You thought this was a creative career???) On these days, I carefully review each item and align the stars so it can come/go to the right place, at the right time, and in all the right finishes! Pennies are tracked and I spend lots of time with my good friend, my purchasing software!

SITE VISITS: Through the progress of each project, I meet at the client's project as often as needed to review the details of each design. I help enforce the clients' desires and talk shop with each of the contractors to ensure everyone is on the same page.

INSTALL DAY: After weeks of watching, waiting, visiting, reviewing all the details... we install! Glorious install day is where the magic all comes together! We lay rugs, we place furniture/pillows/books/flowers, hang art, make beds, fluff pillows... We slide, scoot and shimmy each item till it is right in it's perfect home. If our client is up for it - we send them out for a day at the spa or a night on the other side of the mountain. We like the kind of surprise where you come home to all your home's dreams having suddenly come true!!! After maaaany miles within the same building - we are exhausted and proud of our work! We hug and cry together as our client lays eyes upon their new dream home!


PHOTO SHOOTS: It takes a lot of work to make these babies roll! We bring fresh flowers, grapefruits, gold flatware, pistachios, extra books/pillows/accessories/reading glasses, etc. We hope those looking at our photos can catch the essence of how a space wants to be lived in. We plan around "magic hour," running around adjusting things so they are perceived through the lens in the same glory which they occur in real life (it's hard to get that photo to "do it justice!") Again, tiring day(s) but oh-so-worth-it! Receiving the final images is a huge payoff for us!

Now for the rest of you: What do you do for a living??? Do you love it? Have you found ways to master it?