We are Stacie & Melissa. a.k.a EDIT design HOUSE. 

We both studied Interior Design at the same school (Utah State University) but didn't meet till a few years later while working at an architectural firm in downtown Salt Lake City. We became fast friends and still can't get enough collaborating on our design projects!

We started EDIT design HOUSE in 2013 as a way to connect directly with our clients and their projects. We love helping them EDIT their homes & businesses (whether current or future) into their dream spaces. We are big believers that your space should speak to you, so although we do the synchronizing, it is your vision we are always working to bring to life.

As part of the EDIT family, we recently added EDIT garage (enter: Master Mechanic Stratton) to dig a bit deeper into our adventurous side. We rescue bikes that have seen better days and between our mechanic and design brains, we EDIT for form & function, till we have a new beast that can't believe it's own luck!

Whether near or far, we're always up for a good design challenge! We can't wait to meet you and your project!!!